think green

Professional Car Washes, like Wash at Joe's, are Eco-Friendly by the shear nature in which they operate. First, they use substantially less water than do-it-yourself driveway washing. On average, Professional Car Washes use 40-50 gallons per car. The typical driveway wash consumes 2-3 times that amount. More importantly is what happens to the dirty soapy water. Under the Federal Clean Water Act, Professional Car Washes must discharge to the Sanitary Sewer. Discharge from driveway washing on the other hand, finds its way to our streams and rivers.  You would not believe the impact that driveway and charity washes have on the fish in our streams.

Here in Broome County we are part of the Chesapeake Bay Watershed Area. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation (NYS DEC) have imposed very stringent standards for Sewage Treatment Plants discharging into the Susquehanna River (and ultimately the Chesapeake Bay). Achieving these tight standards was the reason for the recent $50+ Million upgrade to our beloved Joint Sewage Treatment Plant on Old Vestal Road.

Many local residents,especially Binghamton residents, will remember the 50% increase in sewer rates last year. ¬†Nobody felt the pain of these rate increases more than the Professional Car Wash operator. We pay large sewer bills because our discharge is treated. It’s the right thing for the environment.

We have also taken many initiatives on our own to protect our environment. From the recycling water to reducing our energy consumption in our operations and heating, we are working hard to be easy on our environment.

Thank you visiting our website and reading about Wash at Joe’s. We hope you will give us a try.